Level up your productivity

Save time and keep your Evernote organized

Filterize is an online cloud service that acts like your personal Evernote assistant. Tell Filterize what to do and it starts working instantly in the background for you. It simplifies repetitive tasks, avoids errors and saves time. Filterize works with both Evernote private and business accounts and on any device. 

Our innovations


Focus with dashboards

Create an overview of your most important notes and Filterize will keep it up-to-date automatically.

See all your relevant notes at a glance, enriched with your favourite note information and reach them easily with a single click.

1-click templates

Apply your templates to Evernote notes with just one action - even for existing notes.

Save time and make your notes consistent easily.

Get inspired

Let yourself be inspired by our ready-to-use workflows. 

Install, try, adapt - make it fit your needs. 

Getting Things Done

We show you how Filterize can improve your GTD workflow in Evernote.

Team Todo Management

We show you how Filterize can improve your team todo management in Evernote.

Filterize is safe...

Data protection

We store and process only necessary data like your notebook and tag names, but not the content of your notes. All data that is transmitted between you, Evernote and our server uses military grade SSL/TLS encryption. Data that we have to store is encrypted with AES-256.

Filterize is not destructive

Filterize cannot delete your notes, tags or notebooks permanently. It will not remove or replace your note content.

As an additional safeguard, you can first test your new rule on a temporary note.

... and it's easy to get started

Ready-to-use workflows

You don't have to learn how to use Filterize from scratch. We have prepared ready-to-use workflows for many common applications. You can use them as-is, or build something even more awesome from them.

Try it for free

You can test Filterize for 30 days with all its features for free. No credit card required. You can then upgrade to a paid plan, which will give you the full power of Filterize. Alternatively, we have a limited free plan.

Plans & pricing


  • tag hierarchy
  • unlimited filters / table of contents
  • unlimited calendar
  • check
    multiple mail-in addresses

10 €/month


  • tag hierarchy
  • unlimited filters / table of contents
  • unlimited calendars
  • multiple mail-in addresses
  • check
    Evernote Business

15 € /user/month

Customer stories

 Jeff Hsu 

 Account Manager, 31


Filterize is a powerful Evernote add-on. I have over 10 newsletters and 2 data charts sent to my Evernote daily. Filterize automatically adds tags to these notes, which makes it easier for me to categorize them for later usage. The Eisenhower Matrix script, that is written by Enrico Nahler, is working like a magic. It turns Evernote to a GTD tool or even a project management tool. Together Filterize and Evernote have so much potential.

Matthew Wilmot

 IT Solutions Provider, 40


Like anyone who relies on Evernote day-to-day or even week-to-week, I need some structure to how my information is sorted but loathe spending time doing this because I use Evernote to escape that kind of monotony! That is where Filterize fills the gap. I can use it to triage all my inbound and even newly created Evernote content in precisely the way I want, knowing that it will work tirelessly in the background to keep my Evernote content structured precisely the way I want it!