Emojis for special Note Types

Using Filterize

At the last Evernote Event Productivity on the Go, Joshua Zerkel presented how he uses Evernote. One interesting approach was to use emojis inside Evernote to make your notes, notebooks, and tags more visual. In this article we show you how you can automatically add emojis to special kind of notes.

Using notes for your todos

The first use case for emojis are todo notes. You can create reminders for notes and mark them as done if you finished the todo connected with this note. We see three states of reminders:

  • ⬜ open reminders
  • ❗⬜overdue reminders
  • ✅ done reminders.

Based on this definition we can create three different filters which handle the emojis.


This filter will add an empty checkbox ⬜ to all tasks with a reminder which is not yet completed. Also it will remove the green checkbox if you restart the reminder after finishing.


If the reminder has a time which is in the past the reminder is overdue. We mark these reminders with a red exclamation mark.


If you change the due date so that the reminder isn’t overdue anymore this filter will remove the overdue emoji.


The last filter will run if you mark your reminder as completed. It will remove the open todo and the overdue marker and adds a new reminder done icon ✅.

Icons based on note creation source

Next, we want to present two filters which will check the source of a note.


The webclipper is a great tool to collect all things you see on the web. With this filter we will add a globe ? to all notes that are created with the web clipper.


Did you know that you can send note via mail directly into your Evernote account? With this filter you can mark all of these note with a nice envelope ✉️ emoji.

Icons based on tags

Last, we want to present two filters that add an emoji based on a given tag.


Do you have a note for all of your contacts? This filter will add a ? to your note title if a contact tag is present.


The last filter adds a small calendar icon to your note title if the note is tagged with appointment.

Of course, you can exchange the emojis with other ones or you can use emojis for more note types. Let us know your ideas. What emojis do you use in your daily work with Evernote?

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