Here’s how easily you can protect your notes!

Using Filterize

Do you know the situation when you work with your team and some notes are for reading only or should be indelible? Because it happens time and time again that in the hurry of everyday life important notes are accidentally deleted because they were confused with others. What makes things worst is if these were the notes of the last meeting or an offer for a new customer.

Evernote has not built in a way to make single notes read-only or to protect them from being deleted.

With Filterize, there is finally a solution!

Filterize gives you the ability to create filters that you can use to protect your notes by making them indelible or writing protections on the notes. Make your notes indelible means that they will be restored after each erase. That means that your note will disappear after deletion, but after about 2 synchronizations with Evernote, it will be back in your notebook.

We have prepared three options that you can easily import from our Lounge.

1. Protect your notes with a keyword

Add a predefined keyword to your notes (eg.: indelible or readonly). The note will then receive the appropriate protection before deletion or editing. Removing the keyword also removes the protection. If you want to protect your own notes quickly and easily, this is the optimal option.

Click here for the read-only automation.
Click here for the deletion protection automation.

2. Protect your notes with hidden keywords

With this automation, the predefined keyword that activates the protection for your note is deleted as soon as the automation becomes active. The protection can be lifted only by a second keyword. Thus, the deletion or editing of the note can be prevented even when working with others, because only the person who knows the second keyword, can remove the protection. This provides you with a 2nd level of security.

Click here for the read-only automation.
Click here for the deletion protection automation.

3. Protect your notes with action notebooks

If you want the maximum protection for your notes and, for example, want to work with it, at the corporate level there is this third automation.

In this variant, you slide the note to be protected into a previously defined notebook to anchor the deletion or editing protection in the note. You can then take the note out of the notebook and integrate it into the appropriate one, spread it for reading or send an offer for customers. The protection against deletion or editing of the note remains in effect until the corresponding note has been moved to another notebook, which removes the protection again. So, you need 2 additional notebooks, one activates the protection and the second deactivates it.

Click here for the read-only automation.
Click here for the deletion protection automation.

If you want to use the automation and integrate it into your workflow, drop by the Filterize Lounge. If you are interested in the technical background of the filters, then you should switch to the Filterize Console after adding the filter to see the structure.


With read-only options and deleting protection, you can level up your security and productivity for your team and business.

Take advantage of it today and take a look at the Filterize Lounge which filters are currently available and integrate them with one click into your account. In the Filterize Console, you can then see how the filters are built.

What are you waiting for? This way for the reading mode and here to the “indelible” filters.

Filterize is a cloud service that acts as your personal Evernote assistant. Tell the software how you organize your notes or just let its Artificial Intelligence learn how to do it automatically. Filterize will then manage your notes in the background, eliminating repetitive tasks, avoiding errors and saving you time.

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