Parameterization via notes

Parameterization via notes

Parameterization via note allows you to combine multiple similar filters and table of contents into one filter and a configuration note, which will be used for parameterization.

This feature is a premium- and business-only feature.

We observed that a lot of users are create the same filter over and over again, with just a little change in the parameters. E.g. if you want to replace initials in the note title by the real name:

  • Replace SH by Sandra
  • Replace PH by Pascal

Now, we allow you to create a table within a note, containing all the configuration. E.g.:

Initials Name
SH Sandra
PH Pascal

You can simplify the two (or many more) filters into one. Just don’t use the real values like SH or PH but the title field of your table in {}. E.g.:

  • Replace {Initials} by {Name}

Additionally, you have to enable the Parameterization vi note function in the filter or TOC settings. Copy the note link from Evernote and put it into the note link field.

From now on, whenever you change a note, Filterize creates dynamically a Filter instance for each row in the table and process all of them. You can also reuse the same configuration note for several filters and TOCs. So now it’s super easy to adapt your filters for new team members, projects or others, by just editing the note in Evernote.