GTD + Filterize

GTD + Filterize

We have created a ready-to-use GTD workflow for you, which makes GTD with Evernote incredibly easy.

See what matters now quickly and simple. 

Reduce the time searching in Evernote for you next action to take. 

Self refreshing dashboards showing you for each of your contexts what you have to do, e.g. now, soon or someday. 

For example, you can have one dashboard for your @home actions, one for the things you have to do @work and one for everything you need John for.

This way you stay on top of all your todos.

Filterize can communicate to your calendar ...

... exactly as you expect it to. Filterize adds note reminders as appointments to your calendar. To plan your day or week you don't have to switch between Evernote and your calendar any longer. It's all in one place. 

What do you have to know?

It is based on the most popular GTD implementation for Evernote "The secret weapon”.

So we have used for our workflow exactly the same tags and notebook names they suggest. If you use other tags and notebook names, you can individualize them. 

You need more? 

You can extend this GTD process that it fits to your individual needs.
2 ideas that might be interesting for you: 

Are you tired of unchecking all checkboxes of a checklist by hand?
Filterize can do it for you. Have a look here

Do you have notes that you need to be reminded of regularly? Maybe once a month or every 3 weeks? Then Filterize can add recurring reminders for you. Have a look here.