GTD + Filterize

GTD + Filterize

How to integrate it to your Evernote?

Step 0

Get a Filterize account and connect your Evernote with Filterize.

Step 1

The workflow can be installed from our Lounge. If you use different tags and notebook names as suggested by “The secret weapon", please individualize them at “Import Workflow”. It concerns the notebook name “Completed” and the tags: 1-Now, 2-Next, …. 6-Waiting.

If you have not implemented a GTD workflow in Evernote yet, then you don't have to change anything here. Just install it and Filterize imports all the tags for you to your Evernote, so you can use them after the installation is finished.

At the end of the description for this first step you find a link to our Lounge.

If necessary, change at first the name of the notebook in which you store your finished todos and then the tag names for your .When context. To change the notebook or a tag, click it. Now you have a list of all your notebooks/tags. Select the one, that equals ours, e.g. you maybe use the tag now instead of 1-Now.

All other tags don’t have to be changed. But they will be imported to your Evernote, so you and Filterize can work with them.

Click start import.

When the import is finished all rules belonging to the workflow are added to your account. You will find them at "Filter" and "ToC Manager" at

Overview of the elements you can use now and the installed filters: 

Dashboards for you contexts

If you create a new note and enter the name of one of your context tags as title, e.g @home. Filterize then will insert a template that has categories from Now to Waiting. All your todos are then listed in the corresponding categories, based on the time context tags you have used:  

- A template is used by Filterize. 
(Filter: Apply context overview template)

- For every time category (e.g. Now or Soon) an always up-to-date table of contents is created. 
(ToC:  All, except "!Daily overview")

- The note is tagged with the context, that it represents, e.g. tag @home.  (Filter: Add context tag)

Overview of your daily todos

There is another table of contents we prepared for you. If you insert somewhere in a new or existing note [!Daily], this marker will be replaced by a table of contents, that contains all your todos, that are tagged with "!Daily".
(ToC: !Daily overview) 

Note managing

Every time you have finished one todo you either have to delete the note or move it to your Completed notebook. If you work with a Completed notebook, Filterize does 2 things for you: 

1. Filterize moves it automatically in the Completed notebook, if you mark a reminder as done. 
(Filter: Move done todo in Completed notebook)

2. Filterize removes the .When context. 
(Filter: Remove .When context)