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Evernote allows you to capture, store and organize your most valued information. From memories of a lifetime, day-to-day reminders and to-do lists. You can easily browse, search and edit your notes and archive them easily as needed. Your information is automatically synchronized across all platforms: smartphone, tablet, web or desktop.

Evernote made easy with filterize

filterize allows you to organize and manage your Evernote notes easily, effectively, and automatically. Through automated rules and workflows the moving of notes, the adding of tags, even the sending of your notes, managing you Evernote account has never been more productive. Get a really useful newsletter everyday? Simply forward it to Evernote using your custom Evernote email address and we’ll sort it into your ‘Newsletter’ notebook for you. Want to automatically tag your note based on the title of the neslwetter

Beyond Evernote

Many times you find yourself in a situation when you need to share information with friends who are not using Evernote. filterize allows you to develop a rule for not only sharing a link but also notifying  your friends through email.

Control your Evernote reminders with filterize

Automating your Evernote Reminders is also possible with filterize. We can even help you set repeat reminders. filterize rules for Evernote reminders get work automatically in the background, helping you to organize and manage your notes in Evernote like a charm.

Export reminders to you calendar application

Filterize allows you to export all reminders from notes in your notebooks via *.ics file. This could be subscribed to in most calendar applications (including iCal, Outlook & Google Calender). Once set-up, you can see your Evernote reminders side-by-side with your other calender events.

Go deeper with your tags

Evernote allows you to create tag hierarchies, but higher-level tags are not searchable. With filterize you can decide which tags are added automatically when an associated sub-tag is added.


Jeff Hsu

Filterize is a powerful add-on of Evernote. I have over 10 newsletters and 2 data charts sent to my Evernote daily. Filterize automatically adds tags to these notes, making it easier for me to categorise them for later use. The Eisenhower Matrix script Enrico wrote is working like a magic. It turns Evernote to a GTD tool or even a project management tool. There are so much potential that Filterize and Evernote together can do.

Jeff Hsu • 31 • Account Manager

Filterize is a perfect addition to Evernote - especially by automating many recurring processes like archiving bills, but also the creation and updating of tables of contents has raised my workflow to a completely new level. Personally, I also use Filterize to integrate notes into my Todoist system, so I  automatically get all the notes linked directly in the tasks. I could imagine Evernote no longer without Filterize and every other day I discover new possibilities for my System.

Florian Großmann
Florian Großmann