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Note Filter

Evernote is great at storing all your ideas, notes, web-clips, and almost every other type of information. There are a lot of ways to store things into Evernote. You can create notes using native apps, forward your mail, use the Evernote web-clipper, or tons of third-party applications like IFTTT. But what happens if you make Evernote your central storage point? You will have a lot of unorganized notes? E.g. if you automatically forward all of your newsletters to it, they will fill your primary notebook.

With filterize you can configure automatic rules, which will be applied to every new and changed note. So you can filter for terms in the title or the author of a note. Now, filterize can automatically add a tag for your newsletter and move the note into your newsletter’s notebook.

You use Evernote for almost everything and you have things you would like to share with your friends, who are not using Evernote? No problem, with filterize you can configure a rule, which creates a share link for your note and notifies your friends via email.

Reminders are also manageable with the filters. You can set up a filter, which will add reminders to the notes, if there are open to do boxes inside the note. Also recurring reminders are possible. Just create a rule, which will be triggered if you set a reminder as done. As action you could set the reminder as unfinished and move the reminder time one week into the future. We propose to use a tag like weekly for this.

The best thing about these rules? Once they are configured they will work automatically in the background and will help you to manage and organize your notes in Evernote.

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