Team Todo Management

Team Todo Management

We have created a ready-to-use team todo management workflow, that simplifies the way working as team in Evernote.

  See at a glance what is urgent and what can wait another day.

  Reduce the time searching for next actions to take for every team member.

  Keep track of the workload of individual team members.

✓  Create and assign todos on the fly.

✓  Divide tasks in subtasks within one note.

Every team member sees what matters now quickly and simple

Every team member has a personal todo dashboard showing his/her todos that are:
overdue, due in the next 7 days, without due date and with a future due date.

Create a todo dashboard for the whole team showing for every team member the todos for the next 7 days.

And there is an overview of all unassigned todos.

Assigning todos is super easily

You have 3 options to assign a task to team member:

1. The normal way: Just add the persons tag to the note.

2. The quick way: Add the initials in the title of the note, e.g. SH: Please review this.

3. The team way: Write initials behind checkboxes. This is great if you divide a task into subtasks with different responsibilities or if you collect different todos in one note, like:
[ ] PH do some crazy stuff
[ ] SH be even more crazy

Each of those ways allows you to assign tasks to multiple persons within one note. 

If a note is assigned to someone, a reminder will be added automatically.

When a task is completely done, the reminder can be marked as done and all assignments will disappear.
If a subtask is done, the responsible person just checks the corresponding checkbox to delete the assignment. When all checkboxes are checked, the notes reminder will be marked as done automatically. 

One note with many deadlines

Your team divided one big task into several subtasks and they all have different deadlines? Nevertheless you can handle them all in one note and the reminder time is always set to the next open deadline. 

An example:


No checkbox is checked, so the reminder time will be:
31. December 2018

[ ] 2018-12-31 Happy New Years Party
[ ] 2019-01-01 Clean up
[ ] 2019-01-02 Back to work


Then the first checkbox is checked, so the reminder time will be: 
01. January 2019

[✓] 2018-12-31 Happy New Years Party
[ ] 2019-01-01 Clean up
[ ] 2019-01-02 Back to work

When all todos are finished, also the note reminder will be marked as done. So it is no longer a todo. 

Someone new joins the team? 

No problem at all. This new team members can be included to the whole workflow just by adding this person into a team list note in Evernote and if you use Evernote business also by creating a Filterize account for him.